Mr. Potter’s

Every Body Oil

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Every Body Oil is formulated to restore balance and manageability to hair, skin, and nails.

With over a 1000 drops per bottle that's enough to take care of dryness for at least 2 to 3 months. 



Shea Nut Oil: 

Shea Nut, what gives Every Body Oil its cloudy mystique in cooler conditions, is great for skin, scalp and hair when intense moisturization is needed. It absorbs quickly and protects against harsh weather conditions. 

Sweet Almond Oil: 

Ideal for the entire body, Sweet Almond Oil is easily absorbed and will not clog pores. It's perfect for bringing life back to any skin type.

Jojoba Oil: 

Because Jojoba Oil is so close to the oils (sebum) found in our own skin it is less likely to build up and clog pores. Jojoba can help regulate sebum production helping even out combination skin.

Argan Oil: 

Argan oil adds shine to hair, moisture to skin, and softens those cuticles. Helps soothe, nourish, and reduce visual signs of aging. 


Origin Story

Mr. Potter had been living with dry hair, dry skin, and dry nails till he could stand it no longer. He tried looking for a way to satiate the thirst the outside of his body demanded, but everything was made of terrible ingredients and incredibly expensive.

With his back turned on an industry with its back turned on him, he sought knowledge beyond the boundaries of an internet search; researched cosmetic science till he nearly dried to the point of no return. Then suddenly, after trial and error, samples and feedback, spreadsheets and empty droppers, Mr. Potter discovered the perfect formula, brilliant and so giving.

There are more out there, dry, like me, Mr. Potter thought. This, is Every Body Oil. 




Shea Nut, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Argan Oils



Shake well.
Squeeze a few drops into palm.
Work it into clean hair, skin, and nails.
Repeat daily, or till not dry.